The key tips to having a bowel movement every day

Much of our health and our immunity relies on the function of the large intestine or bowel.  When it is not in tip top shape, we suffer.  Unfortunately, the signs and symptoms are not always obvious or proportional to the possible health concers associated with ignoring the problem.  So how do we ensure that we are giving our digestive system our full attention?  Firstly, have a bowel movement every day if not more.  The human body is designed to excrete waste every time new food is consumed.  Smaller, more frequent bowel movements can signal an efficient use of the digestive system.  When the intervals between movements begins to extend past a day, stools tend to be harder, more difficult to pass, smellier and associated with more gas and bloating.  Those are all signs that something is not right. 

How can someone deal with infrequent bowel movements/constipation?  The following tips are an essential part of any lifestyle and should be included in one’s daily routine:

1.  2-3 L per day of pure, clean water

2.  Adequate fibre through consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables and wholegrains.

3.  Essentail Fatty Acids/Omega 3 – through consumption of fatty fish such as salmon, trout, tuna, sardines and anchovies.  A good fish oil supplement may be required in the absence of these foods.

4.  Probiotic/prebiotic bacteria – through a good quality supplement.  Sources such as yogurt are insufficient and may contain sugar which encourages growth of unhealthy bacteria.

5.  Exercise daily to promote muscle health and blood circulation.  A moderate effort is required to get the heart pumping. 

6.  Go immediately when the need arises.  Holding back on going to the washroom will interfere with the body’s intricate signalling system and ultimately deaden the urge.  

7.  Relax!  Spend some time unwinding everyday.  If you deal with stress in your job, marriage or homelife, find an outlet.  Activities such as yoga, running, reading or a hot bath can be ways to blow off steam and let the body focus on it’s function.

These 7 tips, combined with a good diet and plenty of sleep will encourage regular bowel habits.

Additionally, a series of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions will assist in clearing old, impacted waste, balance bacterial flora and boost muscle function.


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